Here is four way tutorial how to install Netqin Antivirus for Blackberry Curve 9220. Protect your phone and tablet with the West Coast Labs certified NQ Security to protect against mobile threats including malware, spyware, hacking, viruses, and theft, while keeping your devices running at Top speed.
This NetQin Mobile Security is designed to protect BB Curve 9220 devices to anti viruses, anti malware and anti spyware. Virus threats are an ever present problem for mobile phones which is why it is so important to have a good mobile antivirus program. NetQin Mobile Antivirus is one of the premier freeware antivirus programs for Blackberry Curve 9220 mobile phones.

· Download Link : Netqin Free Antivirus for Blackberry Curve

.Download via BB appworld : NQ antivirus

When you download the zip file and decompress it, you will get two folders which include the packages for different type of installation: Desktop & BES, OTA. Please DON’T delete any file in the folder if you try to install a package in it. Please DON’T change the name of any file.

The files in Desktop & BES apply to the desktop installation, BES deployment. So Here is four method to download and install this antivirus application for Blackberry Curve 9220

A) Desktop installation

You can connect your BlackBerry Curve 9220 to PC, and install NetQin Mobile Security with your desktop tools. If you are using Desktop, please install the file .alx in Desktop&BES but If you are using Berrybox, please install the file of .cod Desktop&BES;

B) Use BES deployment : …More

C) Use SD card installation : …More

D) Via Online installation ; ,..More

After installation have been finished, the app will ask you for permissions please allow and save the settings. It the Anti-virus has not gained current permissions, some key features may be disabled and it cannot protect your BlackBerry Curve 9220 device.


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