BB Z10 Review

The Z10 is a good-looking phone. It minimizes hardware controls and has a business feel to it. Moreover, the patterned back provides a great grip and enhances the design of the phone. It is easy to hold and feels sturdy in the hand.

BlackBerry Z10 is a pretty good high-end device that may be considered as a strong competitor to various other high-end devices including Apple iPhone 5, HTC One X+ and Galaxy S3 etc. Blackberry has always been considered as an enterprise-level smartphone having features to secure the information available on its device. It is moreover a true statement because of the level of encryption Blackberry provides as compared to other smartphones, also the encryption of information at BES further strengthens security grounds . The Z10 is BlackBerry’s latest flagship device, which is equipped with a brand new OS and an attractive touchscreen. It also has a great camera and a dual-core 1.5GHz Krait processor under its hood. The only downside to the smartphone is that it takes a little time to get used to the new OS, it doesn’t offer a wide variety of apps and its native maps app isn’t on par with Google Maps.

This well-designed smartphone is available in black and white color. It has got flat sides, rounded corners and provides a solid feel to the user. The thickness of the phone is almost similar to Galaxy S3.

Blackberry Enterprise Server for Blackberry 10 or BES10 uses AES256 encryption tunnel for communication and other data transfer tasks. AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is a US government adopted encryption scheme which ensures the level of security of information in Blackberry 10. The Z10 has its own maps app, though its database isn’t as rich as Google’s. Also, it wasn’t as accurate as Google Maps and we had problems getting directions. Furthermore, the app selection provided by BlackBerry World isn’t as huge as Android’s or iOS’s, although most major apps are onboard.

All in all, the Z10 is an impressive smartphone. If you don’t need many apps and can make do with BlackBerry Maps or use Google Maps’ mobile site, the Z10 will definitely please you

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